Hi, please allow me to introduce you to the latest chapter of EMS PAC.

Our new 501(c)4

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are essential for the health and safety of our communities. They provide life-saving care to people who are injured or ill, and they play a vital role in our disaster response system. However, EMS is often underfunded and under-resourced. This can lead to long response times, inadequate training for EMS providers, and a lack of access to EMS services in some areas.

Lobbying for EMS is important because it can help to ensure that these services are adequately funded and that they are available to everyone who needs them. By working with policymakers, lobbyists can help to raise awareness of EMS issues and to advocate for policies that would improve EMS.

Here are some of the benefits of lobbying for EMS:

Increased funding for EMS. Lobbying can help to increase funding for EMS, which can lead to improved training for EMS providers, shorter response times, and better access to EMS services.

Improved EMS regulations. Lobbying can help to improve EMS regulations, which can ensure that EMS providers are properly trained and that EMS services are delivered in a safe and effective manner.

Increased public awareness of EMS. Lobbying can help to increase public awareness of EMS, which can lead to more people calling 911 when they need help and to more people supporting EMS funding.

In order for us to establish the proper lobbying efforts we need your help.